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About Us


The AI Web Agency is the premier Digital Marketing Agency offering proven marketing and growth strategies backed by cutting-edge AI-Powered technology that helps our clients grow their businesses.

The AI Web Agency includes the exact growth strategies, marketing psychology, and cutting-edge technology that our founder used to generate over $100M in sales over the span of his prior businesses.

Our Agency is the result of those very strategies developed over more than a decade and combined with the latest technology to deliver results to our clients.
We are focused on helping our clients grow.  We utilize Search Box Optimization, SEO,  Lead Generation combined with Sales Funnels, Lead Magnets, Email Autoresponders combined with optimized landing pages to drive your growth.
Growth is the DNA and foundation of our focus in everything we provide to our clients.  Our marketing services make our clients’ phones ring, their websites fill with visitors, and keeps their existing and potential new clients engaged.
We deliver this growth both online and offline, to local businesses and national brands. We leverage the power of AI to provide precision personalized content delivered via Email, Phone, Web, and Social Media to help businesses grow.

One of the most amazing items in the world of marketing and business growth is how small tweaks in your strategy can produce dramatic swings in your results.  Our team is passionate about finding new tweaks and leveraging AI Technology to help your business grow.  We are inspired every day to maximize results with our strategies that can quickly drive the needle massively in your favor.

When you read through the different services we offer you will see there are multiple strategies, technologies and tweaks we can deploy to achieve outsized results.  Contact us for a free growth strategy consultation.

The Origin of The AI Web Agency


Hello, my name is Adam Wills. I am an author, entrepreneur, and father of four with a passion for helping fellow business owners and entrepreneurs grow in every way possible.

I am the founder here at The AI Web Agency and over the past 20 years, my companies have generated over $100M in sales primarily because I maximized the potential of marketing and growth strategies backed with amazing customer service.

The AI Web Agency is a decade-long passion project for me, that took root in the early 2000s with my prior company.  I had spent years building and utilizing technology to modify manual processes into automated marketing growth strategies such as techniques to be at the top of search engines, how to demonstrate social-proof and trust (long before phrases like 5-star review or social-proof even where used by marketers).

Over the years the technology evolved – and with the introduction of AI in late 2022, I went to work with my development team. We took these growth strategies and the marketing psychology behind my prior businesses that generated over $100M in sales, and combined it with cutting-edge technology powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) to deliver results for businesses of any size.  Whether your business is focused on local, national, or global marketplaces – these same techniques and solutions will deliver results for your business.
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Something that has been a core principle for me and for the companies I have launched, lead, or invested in over the last 20 years is that I guarantee your satisfaction.  You See, 5-star reviews come from happy clients, and  I will not tie you to a contract and I always make my product ‘Turn Key” easy to use.  I insist on a customer-first mentality and make sure my team is here to wow and impress you every step of the way.

I always provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  The AI Web Agency will get your phones ringing, your websites filling with visitors, and keep your existing and potential new clients engaged.  Call us today, we would love to hear your story and see how we can help you continue your growth journey.

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